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TVGuardian makes regular TV more suitible for religious or Christian family TV and Movies viewing.  TV Guardian makes parents feel more compfortable during family TV time with their children. 

TV Guardian is the one and only TV swear word and profanity filter for your home.  TV Guardian automatically filters profanity, cuss words, swear words, curse words and foul language while you watch TV with your family in comfort.

TVGuardian offers free daily movie reviews and TV show reviews from a Christian and parental perspective.  You can even download the TV Guardian 300 best family films guide by Phil Boatwright, the movie reporter.  Watch these 300 top family movies either with or without the TVGuardian foul language filter.
  • TVGuardian is the one and only parental control and profanity filter for TV that does not block entire programs; instead it makes more TV shows and movies suitible for family viewing.
  • No longer will your family be surprised by the intrusive curse words and profanity in today's TV shows and movies.  TVGuardian filters out the swear words, turning many programs into suitible family movies and family TV shows.
  • TVGuardian actually let's you watch TV programs and movies while if filters out swear words, curse words, cuss words, profanity and foul language in the background automatically.
If your family isn't totally blown away by TVGuardian simply return it to us for a full refund of your purchase price.  You pay only for shipping.
It's Risk Free!
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Refund and
Return Policy:
Give TVGuardian a try. If you're not satisfied and return within 45-days after the shipping date, we'll refund the purchase price. Shipping will be deducted from refund.
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Watch TV Without Profanity!  TVGuardian automatically mutes foul language while watching cable & satellite TV; movie channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime, Epix, Pay-Per-View and Video-on-Demand; and most DVDs.
TVGuardian is a wonderful invention for people like me who care about myself and children being exposed to profanity.
        - Barbara, TN
Multiple Filter Options

  • Component Cable
  • Dual IR Cable
TVGuardian LT is the seventh TVGuardian model since 1998.
More than 12 million TVGuardian enabled products have helped families
watch TV shows and movies without profanity and foul language!
  • TVGuardian LT simply mutes phrases with foul language; it does not display closed captions like previous models.

  • New! Works with any HDTV, Standard TV and/or Audio Receiver.

  • New! Learns standard IR remote control codes to mute both a TV and an Audio Receiver.

  • New! No HDMI cable connection required for HDTV muting.

  • New! Smaller than a smartphone.

  • Connect two video sources: cable or satellite box, DVD Player, Blu-ray Player, VCR.

  • Strict, Moderate and Tolerant Filter Settings.

  • Fine-Tune Filtering Options: Offensive Religious References, Sexual References, Hell/Dam.
  • Power Adapter
  • 1-Year Warranty
Introducing Our New Model For HDTVs, Standard TVs and Audio Receivers

Simply Connect TVGuardian Between
Your TV and Your Video Source
Cable or Satellite Box
DVD Player
Blu-ray Player
My family loves TVGuardian. Everyone in my Family has now purchased one. Thank You for allowing our Family to be able to watch TV together again as a FAMILY!
     - Arthur, KY

Typical TVGuardian Results
TVGuardian LT only requires the connection of a composite video cable (included) from your video sources to detect foul language.
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